MBA Personal CRM, what it is and why you need it as MBA student

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MBA Personal CRM, what it is and why you need it as MBA student

A personal CRM is a tool that lets you keep track of your relationships. There are a few personal CRM’s on the market and each of them have a different take on what relationship tracking means. At the core, they help you take notes on people and interactions, and send you reminders on when to follow up.

As an MBA student, networking should be your top priority. Below are a few reasons why you need a tool like a personal CRM, if you want to make the most of your MBA ✌️

Remembering is hard

Being human means not being able to remember everything. You aren’t a computer and that’s a good thing. The brain needs to make away for new information, and older information usually slips through the cracks.

Without forgetting, we would have no memory at all.
Oliver Hardt, McGill University

A personal CRM lets you capture those memories and pull them up at any moment. Even if you’re not a computer, Personal CRM is a good way to mimic computer like memory.

Being human means not being able to remember everything

People like when you remember things about them

Imagine not seeing somebody for over a year and then casually asking them how their trip two Mexico was, and how their two kids are liking kindergarten.

To the other person, it shows that you’re very interested in them in their life. They’re going to want to do the same exact thing to reciprocate and over time you’ll end up building a strong relationship then you would have otherwise.

And just as a reminder, it’s not a bad thing if you I don’t remember everything about a person, nobody is capable of doing that. It isn’t cheating taking notes about people, it actually just proves that you really do care about what they’re talking about.

A personal CRM helps you remember things about other people that will surprise them and bring you closer together.

People like it when you remember things about them

You’ll always remember to follow up, strengthening your network

One of the hardest things to do is to follow up with someone and make sure that the relationship grows. It’s very easy to start a relationship, it’s more difficult to follow through.

As harsh as this sounds, a reality is a relationship that isn’t cultivated isn’t really a relationship.It’s easier to ask a favor from somebody that you speak to every two months rather than somebody you haven’t spoken to in two years.

A personal CRM not only shows you who you’ve asked to follow up with, but also people that you should follow up with.

You need a personal CRM

If you truly want to level up your networking during your MBA program, a personal CRM is an in valuable tool to do that.

It lets you truly remember everything, capture intimate details to bring you closer to people, and remind you to always follow up and cultivate those relationships.

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