Build a stronger network, without a spreadsheet

Mogul helps you remember all of the "easy to forget" details about the people you meet, remind you where you left off and even tell you when its time to reach back out, almost like a second 🧠
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"I switched from Airtable for the better interface. Its quickly become an invaluable tool for me"

Lucy Guo
Product Manager

"Mogul helps me to be intentional about remembering and connecting people within my professional network"

Dawei Li
Head of Sales

"Mogul is like your calendar. You could get away without it, but you're way more organized with it"

Mark Ambrose
Private Equity Associate

An interface built for the job

No more massive spreadsheets or bloated Notion pages 🎉

Organize people your way with custom groups

Whether it be to separate your work colleagues from your college friends, you can use groups to organize people in ways tailored to you and your workflow

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Pull up a person and all of your interactions, one click

When you pull up a person, their interactions and info are displayed in a beautiful profile. No table cells and hacky look-up fields to find interactions

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Never miss a follow up with reminders

Mogul makes it easy to set up one-time and recurring reminders, so you always remember to follow up with people

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We're the only tool with End to End Encryption

This is the highest level of data privacy available and we are the only ones in the space that offer this. (It's very expensive and was a pain in the ass to implement in case you're wondering why nobody else has it)

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You own your data,
we will never sell it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get (and some answers)👇

I already use Excel, Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable, etc...

Those are great! The difference between Mogul and these systems is that Mogul was built specifically for the job. These tools can't provide the same tailored experience (and certain features) that Mogul can because they need to cater to so many different other use cases.

With Mogul, you won't have to do any "workarounds" or "hacks" to get features like email reminders to work with your system. A better experience = better results.

I've heard you guys are the most private tool in this space, how?

We are the only tool in the market that offers End to End Encryption, the strongest form of user privacy that exists. It is a form of privacy so strong it could soon be illegal. You own your data, not us. Even if we got hacked, the hackers would get nothing but encrypted data (which they would not be able to decipher).

We make money through paid subscriptions, we aren't (and will never be) in the business of selling your data. We also allow you to export your data at any time on both our web and mobile app.

You own your data, not us.

Who would be a good fit for Mogul?

If you've developed your own system to remember the people in your life and the interactions you've had with them (like a spreadsheet) and want to go a step further, Mogul is a good fit for you.

If you want to be more thoughtful about other people (generous, punctual, putting them first, etc...) then Mogul is a good fit for you.

If you want to make people say "wow I can't believe you remembered that" every time you see them, Mogul is a good fit for you.

Can I expense this?

Absolutely. A lot of people use Mogul for work related network organization. Examples:

A startup founder using Mogul to keep track of investors.
An account executive using Mogul to remember details about client meetings.
A freelancer using Mogul to keep track of potential clients.

Do you offer any discounts? (Students, Nonprofit, Military)

Absolutely! We offer a 50% discount to students, teachers, nonprofits and military members. If you have a valid .edu email address, you can sign up and the education pricing should be automatically applied to your account. All others can email me here to get a discount code:

Hey 👋 I'm Chris and I built Mogul 4 years ago because I wanted to remember more about the people I met throughout my life.

Anybody can remember the big stuff like where someone works or where they live, but only a handful of people remember the little details.

Those little details that make someone go "wow I can't believe you remembered that" go a long way. When you show people that they matter, especially to you, you'll matter to them.

Mogul was built to help you remember more, especially the little details.

(PS check out my daily planner app Ellie and my startup Aloa if you need some software development 😉)

- Chris Raroque

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